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Consent for Procedures

By registering with the practice you are consenting to being examined and treated by the clinical team at the practice. There are however times when we will seek your specific consent for a certain procedure. Here are some examples of when we might seek your consent:

  • minor surgery – in this instance we will ask you to complete a written consent form to ensure that you understand what is going to be done and the risks associated with that procedure
  • intimate examinations – in this instance the clinician will ask if you are comfortable for the examination to take place. If your prefer you can ask for a chaperone to be present during the examination.
  • immunisations – in this instance we will ask you to verbally confirm that you want the vaccination, understand what is for and the risks that are associated with it
  • video consultations – occasionally we might ask for your permission to video a consultation as an educational tool. In this instance we would ask you to complete a video consent form that confirmed the recording will be stored safely and destroyed after a certain period of time

There are times when the GP will need to refer you to a hospital team for an investigation or a specialist opinion. Your doctor will discuss this with you in your consultation and by allowing the doctor to make a referral you are consenting to being seen by a specialist.

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