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Practice Area & How to Register

We welcome new patients residing in our practice area.

Practice Area

We look after patients who live within our practice boundary. This includes residents of Thame, Haddenham, Emmington, Ickford, Kingsey, Long Crendon, Milton Common, Shabbington, Sydenham, Tetsworth, Tiddington, Towersey, Waterstock and Worminghall.

How to register

In order to register as a patient you simply need to fill in a registration pack and bring it in along with proof of ID. The pack can be collected from the desk or can be downloaded as shown below. Each family member, including children, requires a completed form.

It may take a little longer to organise your online access as this element of you registration has to be authorised by your GP. As soon as this is completed we will send you details of your online account and a short leaflet explaining how to use Patient Access.

Although someone else can bring the completed application in to the practice, to complete registration each person being registered must be seen by our reception team, and they must also show proof of ID. Identification is also needed for children. This is an NHS recommendation. (Please refer to our registration policy)

Please note: We will not register children at the practice unless at least one parent or guardian is also registered with us for safeguarding/child protection reasons.

What happens once I’ve completed the registration pack?

Once you have handed in your registration pack we will process it as soon as possible. Please make sure you have completed all aspects of the paperwork, in particular any important illnesses, allergies and medications, and your data sharing preferences. As soon as your GP record has been created you are able to use our services. In most cases (depending on where you have been previously registered) we should receive your electronic record from your previous surgery within 24 hours but it can take 8 weeks or more for your old paper notes to be sent through to us.

If you are have a long term condition or are on repeat medication we might invite you for an appointment to see one of our team. This can be with a GP or a member of our nursing team. You do not need to have had your new patient health check before you come to see a nurse or GP about a problem. 

Will I have a named GP?

You will be registered with the practice but you WILL be allocated a Usual GP and we will do our best to ensure that you see this GP each time you use our services. We believe that seeing the same GP every time you come in ultimately leads to better care as they will be familiar with your condition and its history. If you have a preference for a particular doctor (e.g. a female GP) you should include this on the registration form. If you need to be seen urgently you may have to see another doctor, depending on availability, but we will try to ensure that your follow up care is with your Usual GP.

We encourage patients with on-going health problems to choose and stay with a ‘usual doctor’ which allows us to get to know you and your health problems better. However, you can always choose to see another doctor should you wish to do so.

Download the Registration Pack

The registration pack includes a new patient questionnaire, online access form and leaflet, record sharing form and practice leaflet. Please ensure that you complete all forms in order for us to be able to register you with the practice.

New Patient Registration Pack

Registering Children Under 5 Years of Age

Patient Guide to GP Services

Data Sharing Preferences

The SCR makes your current medications and allergies available for other NHS staff to ensure that your are treated safely. Your details will be automically uploaded unless you opt out. You can also agree with your GP to have additional significant medical information uploaded to your SCR if you wish.

The OCS makes more detailed information including significant diagnoses, test results, vaccinations, appointments, referral letters and discharge summaries available for healthcare staff across Oxfordshire to view to help them care for you appropriately. Again, your details will automatically be uploaded unless you opt out.

Full details of how we use and share your information can be found within our Privacy Policy. At the point of registration we do however ask you to express certain data sharing preferences.