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GP Appointments System

The practice offers a range of appointments with the GP to ensure that the sickest and most vulnerable patients are prioritised. We offer a range of face-to-face, telephone and eConsult appointments to suit all needs. People of working age often find telephone appointments or eConsults easier to fit into the working day but face-to-face appointments are available. These will be allocated depending on the nature of your condition or under guidance from the clinician but please do ask the receptionist if you would prefer to be seen in person.

Urgent Appointments

These appointments are reserved for the sickest patients who need to be seen on the same day. All GPs and a number of allied health professionals such as our paramedic, physicians associate and nurse practitioner all have some of these slots available each day. Where possible we will try and ensure that you see your Usual GP or someone you have seen previously but this is not always possible depending on the level of urgent demand on the day.

48 Hour Appointments

These appointments become available each day, 48 hours ahead. They ensure patients who do not need same day attention but who do not want to wait for a routine appointment, can be seen in a timely manner. These appointments are offered by all GPs and all allied health professionals but we would recommend that you see your Usual GP if it is an ongoing problem as they will best understand your condition.

Routine appointments

These appointments can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance. Depending on demand or GP leave, there may not be appointments with the doctor of your choice available for several days. We will always do our best to accommodate your requirements. It is normally best to see your Usual GP as they know you best but you are welcome to ask to see someone else if you prefer to be seen sooner. GPs may also use these appointment to follow up you care after they have initially seen you.

Other appointments

GPs also have some protected slots to monitor your care if you are on long-term medication or have a long-term condition. You will be invited to book into one of these appointment on or around your birthday each year.