The Rycote Practice

Thame Health Centre
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GP Registrar Training

The Rycote practice is specially approved for the postgraduate training of doctors in General practice, and also for teaching medical students.

There is a long tradition of training within the practice.  Qualified doctors who are training to be General Practitioners spend time at the practice before moving on to another surgery once they are fully qualified GPs. The practice is linked to the Oxford Deanery.

Training has changed dramatically in the past few years, and now we are lucky to be able to welcome not only doctors who are training to be GPs, but also doctors who are experiencing General practice before continuing a career in hospital.

Doctors you may meet in the practice include Specialty Trainees (ST) in years 1-3 off their training to be GPs. These are the doctors who used to be known as Registrars. They spend six or twelve months working here.  We also have Foundation grade (F1 or F2) doctors who may or may not go on to a career in General practice. They work in the practice for four month periods.

All of these doctors are fully qualified, and also have supervision from one of the Partners in the practice. On occasions your consultation may be video recorded for teaching purposes. This will not be done without your consent.