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Medical Student Teaching

We have a variety of medical students from the Oxford Medical School who are tutored by the GPs in the practice.  Patients may sometimes be asked (ideally when booking their appointment) if they are happy to be seen by a medical student first. This is very much as well as, not instead of, seeing a GP.  Talking to patients first in advance of the consultation with the doctor is a very valuable way for students to gain experience.  You should be entirely comfortable with declining to see a student in advance of the doctor or having them present during the consultation.  However, it is important that medical students get experience in a full range of health conditions and health issues whilst they are in primary care, whether that is a straightforward physical problem or a more complex emotional or health problem, so we do hope you will agree to see our students.

Year 5 standard course students
We have students in their 5th Year of the standard six-year medical course who come to us via the Department of Primary Health Care at Oxford.  They come individually for three days a week in blocks of six weeks throughout the year.  See below for links to a couple of students who have been recorded talking about their experience at The Rycote Practice (under construction).

Year 1 graduate-entry course students
We also have some medical students in the first year of their four-year graduate entry “fast-track” medical course.  These students tend to come in pairs or small groups on a Wednesday, only during the academic terms.  They are all mature students (some older than others) having done previous undergraduate degrees and in some cases PHDs or had a career in another profession.  They are learning basic skills in talking to patients and examining patients.  The Graduate Entry students are also introduced to one patient that they follow-up during the course of their year with us and on whom they write a report for the purposes of their end of first year examinations.

Dr Richard Harrington is the Associate Director of the Graduate Entry medical course in Oxford.